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I have always loved house museums with paintings hanging on every single wall. I like to imagine that these houses, full of artworks that observe and are observed, can communicate and that those living there can have a continuous and never-equal dialogue with their own home.

Maybe it is because I grew up in places where my dad’s works were hanging on every wall, from oil paintings to large pencil drawings – in some of them I was able to get lost!

So, right after producing my first large-format works – it has already been a year since the beginning of my artistic journey! – I started hanging them in my house. Far from being one of those marvellous house museums I dream of, my paintings (and other pieces we have collected in time) now let the walls speak.

In the following images, I captured my favourite artistic corners of my place.

My artwork Palinsesto. Here, in the most intimate space of the house, I hung those works that allowed me to get where I am today, but from which I do not think I will ever be able to separate.


Here is the mess I make when I paint or when I simply stage all the works together just for the pleasure of contemplating them all at once!



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